Woven tape & Fabric

The Pasiaki collection is inspired by the Bug River folk skirt, which was woven in narrow and wide vertical stripes of various colors, repeating rhythmically. The Bug River skirt was an element of the female Podlasie outfit of the Bug variety, occurring in the areas stretching along a narrow strip on the Bug River.

How I shirtdress made of striped linen fabrics are tied with a linen selvedge made with the weaving technique characteristic for multi-harness fabric. It is a tribute to the tradition given in a new, subtle, and free form.

Sense or Sensibility? Which one will you choose?


How I is a fashion brand created from the love to the Polish countryside and folk tradition. The clothes we make are inspired by Polish handcraft, which we give new and stylish forms. We put out only a few pieces of each model decorating every item with a unique pattern. As a result, all of our products are truly special.

We support Polish businesses by buying from them products such as fabrics or threads. Our clothes are sewn in Poland only. Since we favor eco-friendly solutions, our dresses are made from highest quality, all natural fabrics, which feel great on the skin. We make sure that our clothes are manufactured with the highest attention to detail. We are no strangers to the zero waste idea, so we recycle our fabric leftovers to make stylish bags for our products.