The FLASHBACK project defines a flashback as the placement of a personal history image in memory, freely referencing an iconostasis, and literally referencing the etymology of the word (Greek: eikon – image, stasis – place, position). The reference to the symbolism of the iconostasis pertains to the search for dialogue between the East and the West in a religious context, the cornerstone of faith. The language of communication is the creatively transposed Podlasie perebor, which becomes a bridge connecting people from the East on a transnational and transreligious level.

The project, drawing on the idea of participatory design, includes the audience’s participation as co-authors of the aesthetic situation. By reflecting on the narrated stories, they may find a piece of themselves within. The personal history told here and now becomes a synonym for the value of the present moment, situated between two realities woven in time: the past and what is to come.