Country Calendar

COUNTRY CALENDAR. An original book includes twelve centrefolds devoted respectively to each month of the year, illustrates local customs and ceremonies not commonly used or practiced any longer nowadays, though those used to be the customs accompanying the life of the former village. Fold-out is assigned to each centrefold and contains a text explaining and supplementing each illustration. Design of the book was inspired by the double-warped cloth from Podlasie ares. Scenes from life in the country have been decorated with the ornamental borders which are a distinctive element for this fabric. This book includes illustrations of real architectural objects including some from the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. There have also been traditional folk clothing depending on the season of the year.
Texts have been designed on the basis of the content documentation of the „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre in Lublin and the Lublin Open Air Village Museum. This book has been under the patronage of mentioned institutions.
The main source of inspiration for all of the illustrations have become photographs originating from the following institutions: the Lublin Open Air Village Museum, Lublin Open Air Village Museum, National Museum in Lublin, Chełm Land Museum, Museum in Zamość, the Nadwiślan Museum in Kazimierz Dolny, The Tatra Museum, Institute of Art Polish Academy of Science, National Digital Archives, The Foundation of Found Music.
All photographs have been composed similarly to the shape of plain weave and divided into three separate walls of inspiration which are Works and Ceremonies, Architecture, Profiles.