How I…

How I is a fashion brand born from passion and love to the countryside, which I took after my beloved grandmother. The name that I chose for it is the English orthographic transcription of my family name, Hałaj.

Hałaj is a last name which can be encountered on the Eastern border of Poland. It can be translated as “hothead,” and although its meaning is rather negative, it also connotes bravery, passion, and the will to act. Interestingly, “hałaj” is also a regional term for half silk fabric. Thus, I believe that the road that I have chosen has in a way been destined for me.

The How I brand was born out of the desire to create. First, I created my own perebor weaves – handloom woven ornaments inspired by traditional works of the same kind from the region of Włodawa and Parczew in Eastern Poland. Then, I used them to decorate the dresses.



Monika Trypuz


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