Axis Mundi

The video documents the “Axis Mundi” installation, which began in September 2022. The project was created as part of the “Theme: River” initiative in solidarity with Ukraine’s fight for independence. It is located near the Bug River, at the border with Ukraine. The central element of the project is the perebor – a weaving ornament that symbolically connects the cultures of the region divided by the Bug River border after 1945. “Axis Mundi” aims to remind us of the unity of neighboring cultures by presenting the perebor as a symbol of the bridge over the Bug River. The installation consists of asymmetrically arranged rectangular forms decorated with perebor, symbolizing hope and world unity, as well as the disruption of balance caused by the war in Ukraine. The constant light shining is a sign of solidarity with the victims of the war, and the perebor becomes a plea for peace and the restoration of balance in the world.